About Us

At first it started as a fun idea between friends; Let's write a blog that's part lifestyle and part business, let's make it particular to cannabis and gear it toward female readers. 
We just wanted to talk about cannabis - but we also love entrepreneurship, design, marketing, start up culture and all things girly so the Her(B) Life evolved to be a celebration of the feminine cannabis experience. It doesn't matter whether that experience is buying your first bag of bud at 36 or jumping into a new business venture in the exciting and rapidly expanding world of weed. When we work to spark the conversation around cannabis we can help make change that everyone can live with.
Because we're women, we also wanted to give voice to other women who are out there getting their hustle on. We encourage blog submissions and community interaction. We believe that continued education and advocacy is what will help us all survive the shift from prohibition.


Gill Polard works in marketing and communications with international cannabis brands. She is a legalization and safe access advocate and the creator of the leading cannabis lifestyle website and print publication The Her(B) Life which celebrates the feminine cannabis experience through industry interviews, education, and media. She is a regular contributor to The Growth Op and teaches Marketing under the Cannabis Act course at Mount Royal University. In 2018, she was nominated for a Canadian Cannabis Award in the “influencer” category and was awarded the first ever “Cannabis Leader of the Year” trophy from Notable Life. 



Charlie Snow is an experienced and accomplished retailer with over 20 years of experience. She Founded Victoria’s leading functional glass gallery and cannabis accessory boutique after owning the most successful Jupiter Smoke Shop franchises in Canada. 

She has 12 years of experience in the cannabis industry and aims to build a new industry that redefines the workplace and inspires the next generation of driven women to be the industry leaders they are. 



Together we are combining our skillsets and professional backgrounds to bring a more feminine touch to the cannabis industry and working to create a more vibrant cannabis industry. To find out more about our initiatives or to inquire about working with us, please fill out our contact us form.